Our goals

UE Lib has received the "Paris Label Europe" award. Our project has three major goals

Promoting European Litterature

Each month, UE Lib offers free books in their native language. By doing so we aim to support the expansion of European litterature.

Spreading the news

Through our regular events open to everyone and on our network of multilingual sites, highly relevant information to Europeans living in Paris gets a strong coverage.

Connecting communities

By opening to everyone, a wide range of free sharing moments, we would like to encourage mutual understanding and tighten bonds between the peoples of Europe.

Our Story

Our Story

For more than 7 years, DLP15 organized free book distributions in the 15th borough of Paris. Many European denizens have wished for books in their native language.

The scope of European cultures and languages drove us to scale up into UE Lib.

The UE Lib meet-ups will always be held at the same spot, each month's third Saturday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. During July and August, UE Lib events won't be scheduled.

To thrive, UE Lib needs books

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